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A NEW MINI-ALBUM - Yeah folks, Bag We Bag hears that content is king.   It's time for some new content.  Click here, to get to your copy of the new mini-album.

Want your own copy of the 'Porterhouse' CD. You can pick your copy up at iTunes now.

Yes, it's true.  There was original art on every CD cover.  You can see (and print) samples of the work here.

Here's a review of the CD from Mark Hinson at the Tallahassee Democrat.

Check out these images from the CD release taken by Mike McCue.  Thanks Mike!

If you want to look your Sunday best, you should go purchase Bag We Bag apparel.


DAVE MORRIS-- bass, sax, piano, most of the vocals, nearly all the songwriting.
STEVE MACQUEEN-- guitar, rest of the vocals, a smidgen of songwriting
DAVE MURPHY-- keyboards







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